Big Boss Tamil



In our country, some people are crazy about big boss while few others don’t watch the show.  Bigg Boss (Hindi) was hosted by the famous actor Salman Khan.  If you have watched the previous 10 seasons then you would be aware of the concept. But some people in South India were not aware of the show. They have started watching the show just because of a person called Kamal Hasan (actor).  Once the show has started the show makers as well as the host Mr. Kamal Hasan has started facing a lot of criticism. Some people say that the show is against the Tamil culture.  But most of the people in Tamilnadu don’t agree with these statements. They said those who have faith in their culture and traditions should not be afraid of a show like Bigg Boss.

  • If the participants of the show don’t have any issues then why few people are opposing it?  Every person has the rights to do whatever they want.

No one can oppose it in the name of a tradition. This kind of negative criticism would increase only the TRP of the show and hence the show makers will be happy by this kind of free publicity.