Borok TV Calendar 2018 Launched


Borok TV was started with a motive of promoting the local talent in a platform selflessly without any motive for earning money.
We have crossed 2 years in this short journey and have put some quality work with some of the amazing artists of Tripura. We have joined YouTube just recently have maintained originality and quality. Also keep in mind the roots, which was where it all started, we have managed to reach the corners of Tripura.

We have always been giving and never thought once about ourselves but tried to give everything to our artists and audience.

From Merchandise to gifts.


Today we take this time to launch our Calendar for the year 2018.

This calendar will be available in hard copy to those who have bought the merchandise and will be available for free to those who want to use it as a soft copy as their wallpaper on their phones or computers.

We thank each and every one of our Audience for always being by our side
and we promise you unlimited entertainment in the years to come.

Thank You
Team BorokTV