Festivals- Celebration for one, suffering for other


India is often described as a land of many religions and language, but it might as well be described as a land of festivals. India celebrated holidays and festivals of almost all the faiths in the world. Indian festivals celebrate the glory of our Indian Gods, but sometimes some people take it too far.

Most festivals are loud, or people tend to make them loud. Diwali is celebrated as a symbol f joy and peace. It symbolizes spreading light in times of darkness. But, it is the festival of light so let’s burn as much oil as possible and do not forget the crackers to add effect because that’s how gods planned us to be celebrating ancient festival. Diwali is meant to purify and people end up creating filth.

Our Deities are meant to unite people and communities, but people find an excuse to divide and colonize, by planning Ganesh/Durga/Sarasati Pandals in every community. Then there is visarjan, which leads to blocking of Roads, due to which not only gnarls people also patients and students face problems. The Idol eventually ends up in a River or a Pond, and it doesn’t take a genius to guess the effects. Then there are loudspeakers in name of Bhajans and Azan. Is that necessary? To assemble tens of large loudspeakers and force the entire world to listen about how much you love your god more than anyone else?

So, what is the problem here? Are festivals a problem? No! Should we stop celebrating festivals? Absolutely not. But we should learn the real meaning of those festivals about how they are really meant to be celebrated. Because I’m pretty sure no religious book says that you ought to burn crackers and play loudspeakers to earn blessings.