Mass Suicide ? Why is Central Government Silent ?



The protest led by the Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura ( IPFT ) is getting more twist and turns. It has been already 8 days dated 10th July 2017, the protest that has begun for a demand of Separate State, TTAADC. Thousands of indigenous people have participated and people around the nation have been supporting the protest, which has made the protest stronger. According to the sources, IPFT General Secretary Mevar Kumar Jamatia and the Party’s youth wing President Dhananjoy Tripura had left Agartala on 13 July 2017 for Delhi to meet Minister of State in Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Jitendra Singh and Home Ministry officials and the Union Home Minister.

Tripura’s lifeline NH44 blocked by IPFT for 24 hours on demand for separate Twipra state for tribals at the foothills of Baramura , Champaknagar, 30 kms northeast of Agartala on 22-06-16. Pix by UB Photos


Picture Source: Facebook 

So far there is no positive signal from both State and Central Government. Many protesters have been hospitalized due to their illness since they have been protesting without proper food and water since last 8 days. But then the government seems to be numb. Today the protest has taken another turn.

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If the demand is not fulfilled by the government,  for the first time in the History of Tripura Mass Hanging Suicide might happen. Check in the below picture.






Picture Source: Facebook 

Now the Questions is:

Why the state and central government not taking any appropriate action on the issue?

If mass hanging happens whom to blame?

Is the government responsible for this mass protest?

Will the demand for Tipraland be fulfilled?

Should every Indigenous People support Tipraland?  

Well, you will know some of the answers if you ask yourself.

Innocent lives are at stake, we Borok Times appeal to both center and state government to look into the protest and do the needful step which is beneficial for the People. Protesters are not doing any crime by asking their rights for the future survival.

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