Message From Our Reader: Why DEMAND for Tipraland?



 A Message Sent by Our Reader:  “Why DEMAND for Tipraland?”

We all know that Tripura is the land of the indigenous people since time immemorial, we had our own rulers i.e. the Kings, and the whole world knew that Tripura was a Princely state before merging with the Indian union.

The Indigenous people had enough food supplies under the King’s rule. Everyone was happy and blissful during those days. There were no recorded events of food scarcity.But at present times have been reduced to nothing but servants in their own land to intruders.

Tripura is surrounded by Bangladesh on 3-sides and there was no proper border fencing neither before nor after the Bangladesh war of independence with Pakistan. During the war and after the war the influx of Bangladeshis into Tripura has been happening in waves and is still going on.

Since then the indigenous population has started declining and the area of land inhabited by the indigenous people has immensely decreased,  supported by immigrant led Govt. And the indigenous market was captured, occupied and the indigenous political power of the Tripuris was snatched away in an everyday basis and they cunningly took away everything that they had from their grasp.

Therefore, the question which arises here is, “What is the future of the indigenous people in Tripura?”

The life which was lavishly enjoyed during the king’s rule by the indigenous people was unimaginable compared to present day immigrants rule. The future of the indigenous people is doomed,  there is no light to be seen but only darkness. Present day government is, “Of the Immigrants, By the Immigrants and For the Immigrants” We always hear that the Immigrants people say “SORNO JUK” which means “Golden age”. Yes, it is a golden age for them because they have already succeeded in ruling upon the indigenous people and taking control over them, depriving them of all their basic rights. Therefore I say the future of indigenous people is doomed into total darkness.

Another question which arises is, “What made indigenous people who are in  other political parties now join the regional party i.e. IPFT?”

Here the reason for this is crystal clear why the indigenous wants to join, the reason is because they have realised that they have suffered so much in the hands of immigrants rule, they have realised that they are deprived, manipulated, raped, kidnapped, killed and their ancestral lands were taken away by the immigrants. The people seem to be blind because they were cheated by numerous false promises. Therefore now people have realized that they are supporting none but the Immigrants party who is not even bothering about their welfare and provide their basic needs. So, they have no other options left with them but the only regional party which can save them from darkness and brings them to light. Which is why the indigenous people made them join to IPFT which is the only savior of the indigenous people and their lands also their rights.

Now after joining the regional party i.e. IPFT which is the only savior for them from the hands of the Immigrants, the next question is that “Why Tipraland is so much important and urgent now for the indigenous people?”

The indigenous Tripuris never revolted nor protested against the immigrant’s government before because they believe in peaceful co-existence. But over the time the indigenous people were cheated and many times wrongly projected as culprits of everything by the Media because media in Tripura is state run so no one listens to their voices. And before every election especially before Legislative assembly or Vidhan Sabha elections, the Immigrants government opens the gate fully for Bangladeshis to come inside the Tripura state to create a sort of VOTE BANK and providing them all the documents required, and this is possible because all high-level officers are immigrants. Henceforth, the population of the Immigrants kept on increasing day by day and whereas on the other hand, the population of the indigenous people keeps on decreasing every day.

Not only that but you can also see the present situation which is burning in the state. Example – an indigenous girl Sushmita Debbarma of only 16yrs old who was kidnapped by Kiran Malakar the son of TAPAN MALAKAR the CPI-M leader in the hearts of Agartala city not once but twice by the same person, yet the Immigrants government and the police are still unable to trace him. If this would have been done by the indigenous people then you can imagine what they could have done to the innocent indigenous people. This is only the slightest example but there are many other cases which were not reported and unheard due to various reasons.

Therefore, the indigenous people have realized that their future is nowhere, hence started coming back to their own roots party IPFT which is the only protector and savior of the indigenous people from the hands of the Immigrants, without which their future is in doomed. That is why the demand for separate statehood “Tipraland” is the only solution and hope left for them also for the generations to come. So, “Tipraland” is the only answer they have and it is very important to demand and it’s very urgent to save themselves from the rule of the Immigrants. THE GREATEST GIFT YOU HAVE IS YOUR OWN PEOPLE and for this PEOPLE we will fight, never slacken and never tire.




NOTE: The article posted above is forwarded by our reader.