Motivation Ideas – 3 – How to be happy?



Do you know being happy is very easy? The simple thoughts to be happy is listed below.

  1. Always be busy. When you are busy your mind is engaged with the activity and not with the negative thoughts.
  2. Enjoy whatever you do.
  3. Go out with your well-wisher.
  4. Read more books.
  5. Keep you calm.
  6. Get rid of negative people.
  7. Do not involve in unanswerable arguments.
  8. Allot a hobby for yourself.
  9. Enjoy your own company.
  10. Do not engage more with people but with your work.
  11. Help poor people.
  12. Talk less and work more.
  13. Spend less time on social networking sites.
  14. If you are free, allocate a part-time job for yourself.
  15. Help whoever possible.
  16. Speak good thoughts and spread the same.