OMG : Mother Earth is Bleeding in Tripura ?


We have often heard about the Volcanic eruptions, Hurricane, Flood, Tsunamis and various other natural calamities in various parts of the world.

But have you heard about the bleeding of soil?

Yes, you heard it right.

In an interesting note, we have found that a video is circulating on social media.Where we can see our Mother Earth is Bleeding when the water is poured on it. The place is situated in Pramod Nagar, Khowai. In a video, the locals have been speaking about the live blood coming out from the soil when the water is poured and they are shocked seeing it live in front of their eyes.

So far no media has covered about it and many are not aware of what is it. We are expecting various agencies to go over the place and test the soil to get the results and come out with the solution.

Check Out the Video Posted by a Channel Hayung Ni Borok:


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