Team Behind Borok Network App


Team Behind Borok Network App !

Founder of Borok Networks Monojit Debbarma that officially released its android application weeks back for engaging digital content platform and to keep the readers abreast of the latest news and happenings around the world has been getting a huge response.It has downloaded more than 1100+ in just 9 days.The app consist of Borok TV  , Borok Times , Borok News &  iBorok available on Android is getting  huge response.


Founder of Borok TV Monojit Debbarma 

You can easily download app  and install, this app is proving to be a trend-setter for the future, as one can get all the updates from around the region . Yes, you can read News , watch videos  and Interviews online, get all the important information and updates on Auditions, New Releases, forthcoming Film, and more and more importantly, if you have a query or any feedback, you can directly contact via the contact form provided on the page . The app can also be download by scanning the QR Code given on website.

Developer of Borok Network App Pranshu Kulshreshtha

The app is developed by Bangalore based Pranshu Kulshreshtha currently working as a freelance app developer for  founded by Monojit Debbarma meets all requirements and is very easy to man-oeuvre & use. And it also takes less time to navigate as compared to browsing on a site. The app is a trendsetter as it will also help models and actors to get details of the auditions happening around. But the biggest advantage of this application is that it comes free.