Top 7 Common Wish List of Everyone


Different people have different wish lists but here listing few of the common wishes that most people have in their wish list bucket.

  1. Everyone wishes to travel around the world. Thus going on a foreign trip is one of the most common dreams in everyone wish lists.
  2. Everyone wishes to learn at least one of their favorite instruments in their life.
  3. Staying in 5 star hotels is one of the other common desire that is listed in everyone wish list chart.
  4. Getting married to the love of his or her life is one of the most expectations of everyone to make this dream to come true.
  5. Coming forward for a good cause also tops the wish lists chart of everyone.
  6. Learning a new language is something that everyone wishes to learn.
  7. Last but not the least, doing the dream job once in your life is one of the most common bucket wish list of everyone.