11 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself Right Now


Everyone is unique and distinctive in some or the other way. But sometimes we forget ourselves and do things to make others happy.

We don’t get time to think or hunt our self and knowingly or unknowingly we sometimes end up hurting our self.

Well, listed below are the few things which we really need to stop doing to our self right now.

11 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself Right Now

11 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself Right Now:

  1. Don’t try to fit yourself in someone else shoes.

Never change yourself for the sake of others. Those who want to be with you will accept the real you.

  1. Try to face your problems courageously

Be bold to tackle things fearlessly.

  1. Learn to love

Be happy in whatever you have and love those random memories that make you smile.

  1. Try to come out of your comfort zone Do something unexpected so that you don’t miss the other joys of life.
  2. Stick to your own decisions.

As many heads, so many perceptions so it’s better don’t bother what others are saying.

  1. Be smart to choose your group or friend

Instead of spending time with wrong people be alone and give time to yourself.

  1. Be your favorite

It’s your life and you should make your own choices.

  1. Elude comparing and complaining

Don’t get jealous eyeing others and regret what you don’t have.

  1. Dump the damn relationship

If you are not comfortable being into relationship quit it at once.

  1. Don’t depend on others for every small thing.

Be strong enough to do your work independently without anyone’s help.

  1. Stop using short cuts

‘The success mantra always says to do hard work truthfully and honestly to achieve goals of your life without following any wrong or short cut’.

Lastly, don’t let your past to blackmail your present to destroy your beautiful future.