7 Creative Ways of Organizing Your Bookshelves

7 Brilliant Ways To Style Your Bookshelf

Books are like a good friend that has the power to freshen your mood in a minimal time. So, reversely it must keep books happy too. Thus if you are a book lover than this season takes a break and organize your shelves in innovative ways to rejuvenate the shelves and make books and shelf both happy.

Here are some beauty tips to classify your bookshelves:

  • Enhance with colors: – you can give a brand new look to your shelf if you play with colors. Paint the shelf in a patterned way with different colored stripes randomly.
  • Funky wallpapers: – give a cool look to your bookshelf by sticking funky wallpapers that are unique and matchless.
  • Contrasting twist: – personalize your bookshelf with the contrasting hues. If your wall color is aqua then blend it with peach color to make a shelf look graceful.
  • Vintage looks: – if you are traditional lover then arrange your bookshelf in a typical look by sticking a glossy and bumpy newspaper in a structured way at the back and rejuvenate the shelf.
  • Draw simply: – if you are good at creative then this is a chance to show your talent. Art and craft on the blank space of your shelf by making sceneries or any other craftwork that can give you a pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Embellish with the Floral pattern: – each of us like flowers so beautify the shelf too with a floral pattern of your own choice.
  • Fascinate with night glows: – no one can say NO to Bring trendy night glows and stick at the back to give a nice look to your shelf.