7 Signs That Prove He’s Definitely Into You


It’s a fact that some guys are little demure to express their feelings directly but indirectly they give several signs that prove he is really interested in you.

Below are the few signs that prove he is really interested in you. Check and relate if ever you have met such a guy who indirectly wanted to convey his feelings to you:

  • He wants to know everything: – from past life to present situation he wants to know everything about you. Apart from it, he doesn’t stop questioning more about your life.
  • Share his secrets with you: – right from ups and down to all the struggles he has gone through. He likes to share all with you without keeping any secrets at the back.
  • He cares about you and respects your feelings first: – whenever there is hang out with other friends he tries to take care of you and consider your view at first.
  • Cute Nickname: – instead of taking your name he likes to call you by a cute nickname which he has given to you.
  • Plans a surprise date for you: – time to time he tries to plan a wonderful date for you to spend quality time with you.
  • Feel jealous: – whenever any other man praises you, he gets envious towards it.
  • Appreciate you: – he never missed any chance to compliment on your looks and dress.