7 Ways to Stop Unhealthy Food Cravings


7 Ways to Stop Unhealthy Food Cravings

Living beings need food.Food is being the primary consumption for human beings without this human beings cannot survive. Food is the only first most preference given by human beings so that they cannot face difficulties in leading a better life. It helps us to build strong nutrition and a hard build body structure and has always been the lifeline for the hungry people it always helps them to achieve their desire towards eating. Now comes the food cravings, food craving is not at all same as hunger or feeling something to eat to finish their hungriness.

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Food Cravings is an ultimate desire to have something not only food but specific things at any certain point of time. Food Cravings is not at all related to consume nutrients which help to make the building blocks of our body but it is an ultimate desire to consume food at any certain interval of time.  During the research period about food cravings, it has been revealed that in food cravings the thing which tops the list was chocolate food items and chocolate confectioneries these were the things which people really crave for and this process of craving slowly came to known as chocoholism. , though food carving is about only consuming chocolate food items at times it might have an adverse effect on human beings, so it reduces this here is the list to how to stop food cravings fast:-

7 Ways to Stop Unhealthy Food Cravings

So here is our 7 Ways to Stop Unhealthy Food Cravings :

  1. Ask a question in our mind about the food:7 Ways to Stop Unhealthy Food Cravings

Start a habit of asking yourself in your mind that I really need that food, am I that much hungry

Question your mind like, “ I know I’m not hungry, I don’t have to eat a food every time I think of it” or “Each time I think about a food and do not eat it, will become easier “  also asks these types of question before cravings some chocolate items such as  “ Am I hungry”, “Is this food filling holes in my diet”, “Is it the correct portion size” , “Are there alternatives to make this healthier”.

  1. Replace your food thought with another thought:7 Ways to Stop Unhealthy Food Cravings

Try to replace the food images which come to your mind with other food items so that u might not end up having that food which know as food cravings slowly slowly take this habit and try to replace the food thoughts with another thought like how will you look like your weight loss or any other compliments has anyone given you about your health try to bring these types of thoughts in your mind when the thought of food items comes in. Always try to have an image of another thing in your mind irrespective of just dealing with that I not to have that food item.

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  1. Always Distract yourself when it comes to food cravings:7 Ways to Stop Unhealthy Food Cravings

Engage yourself in other activities that keep your hand and mind busy and in turn will always help in controlling your food cravings and also to less down your weight. Some ideas how to engage yourself in other activities like writing a letter, doing chores around the house, calling a friend, brushing your teeth, taking a bath or taking a walk, or playing some indoor games with other ones. Always try to distract yourself when it comes to food cravings so that you might not have that addiction towards the food and it will help you down to decrease the food cravings.

  1. Make a suitable time table to have that food:7 Ways to Stop Unhealthy Food Cravings

Set a specific place and time that at that time you will have your food and not at any time when your mood is to have that food, always keep that time table yes now i have to eat that chocolate items now I will eat and not like that whenever your mood is to have a food items you will have it .This will certainly help to reduce the food cravings to a certain extent and always feel you guilty if you eat that food item whenever you want to have it.

  1. Purchase in small quantities:7 Ways to Stop Unhealthy Food Cravings

Try to purchase the food in small quantities that to buy four packets of cookies try to just buy one packet of cookies that will certainly lead to decrease the food cravings. Try to maintain this at a longer pace so that you might not be able to increase your food cravings.

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  1. Eat that food item with other:7 Ways to Stop Unhealthy Food Cravings

If we think that we might over eat the food that we are craving and if e think that we eat more when we are around the other people than eat it in front of others, especially those who support your weight loss efforts.

  1. Chewing a Gum:7 Ways to Stop Unhealthy Food Cravings

And at last, if all the above-mentioned methods do not work out try to have a chewing gum in your mouth which will certainly help to stave off that craving for pastries, chocolates or whatever the vice. The thought of taking out the gum and then putting the gum back in after snacking is not that appealing for most people.