9 Signs You’re Actually His First Priority


9 Signs You’re Actually His First Priority

When it comes to a boyfriend you are dating you become emotionally dependent on him for certain things. At the same time, you start feeling insecure with lots of chaos in minds that and the very first question that strikes in your mind; is the guy really into you or he has other main concerns leaving you aside?

Well without thinking so much here is list of signs to prove that you’re his first priority and you can cheer your relationship without any turmoil and ambiguity?

Check Out this 9 Signs You’re Actually His First Priority :

  • He will always try to meet your needs. Your wishes matter a lot to him and he’ll try to fulfill all those, as he wants a never ending smile on your face.
  • He will always tell his future plans to you first. Whenever he makes a new target to achieve his goal, you’ll the first person whom he’ll discuss everything.
  • He’ll always surprise you by planning an unexpected date or giving a special gift on your special day.
  • He is always on time. Not only just going out for a date but if in any emergency you need him late at night he will try his best to reach you without wasting much time.
  • He is possessive for you. When hanging out in a group and some other guy praises you he gets jealous as well as overprotective too.
  • He will try to get more involved in your life. Time and again he’ll ask to meet your friends and family so that he can know you more closely.
  • He’ll never disappoint you. If by chance due to some obvious situation if he cancels the plan at very last moment he will inform you about it and assures to make it up to you somehow.
  • He’ll not ignore you. No matter how busy he is but he’ll always receive your call holding his work for a while.
  • He remembers everything whatever instruction you give and follows it carefully without raising any further questions on it.