9 Signs You’re A Highly Sensitive Person


Everyone is sensitive in some or other way but some are highly vulnerable that makes them stand out in the crowd.

  1. You like to spend most of the time with yourself. Away from all the worries you want to relax and take a break to reenergize yourself
  2. Your mood gets easily turned into happy or sad according to the situation. You value others feelings and never hurt anyone from your side.
  3. Being a liberal person it’s sometimes little hard for you to say ‘no’ easily to your friends for anything.
  4. Being a highly kind you cannot see pain or worries of other. If you see or hear any unusual incident it creates a big impact on your mind and you become restless.
  5. Surrounded with so many emotions you take much time to decide before taking any final decision.
  6. Being a good observant you sense and catch the important stuff quickly.
  7. You keep yourself away from drama. You politely try to sort out the misunderstandings of others without any tiff or spat.
  8. Soft music, dim light adds pleasure to your loneliness thus you enjoy being alone.
  9. You can be a good situation handler. Your perception to deal with anything would be different from normal person because YOU’RE HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON.