Attitude Of Gratitude


If you are grateful for every breath of life no matter whatever the situation is; believe me, you will be the happiest and the richest person in this whole world.

Developing a habit of expressing thankfulness and appreciation in all parts of our life, on a regular basis for both the big and small things then it is an attitude of gratitude. Today no one is satisfied with what they are blessed with because the competitive state is repeatedly pushing people to achieve more and better than the other person. The action of wanting more and more is making person selfish and unsatisfied with what they have in present. Thus they are so lost that they don’t have a little time to thank GOD what they have now. Always remember“if you concentrate on what you have, you’ll always have more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you’ll never have enough”.

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Every day won’t be perfect and same like the previous day. Several times a situation comes in life when we think ‘Why GOD has done this to us’, at that moment relax a bit and see the optimistic side of that situation and be grateful to GOD for teaching a lesson by creating such circumstance to make us understand our mistake through it.

If the cycle of gratefulness continues in every pleasant and unpleasant situation then it is for sure that you can process and progress your life well. With this, you will feel enthusiastic and high-spirited at every path of life.

The feeling of anger and negativity has taken place in the hearts of people which sometimes leading to inactivity, depression, and illness. Knowingly or unknowingly we create a negative circumstance in our life. But not to a surprise if we have the positive appreciation for every negative situation we can uplift and reconnect our self to the other joys of life. Indulging our self in the good feeling for as long can help us to receive the gift of love and light of our own being.

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In addition achieving an Attitude of Gratitude is not very difficult. All we can do is by making a note every night before we go to sleep and write about any 3 things we were grateful throughout the day will help us to deal with the upcoming events in our life.