Borok TV Awards 2017 Winner List


Borok TV Awards 2017 Winner List

It has been a great year for everyone.Our Kokborok industry is booming and we have got an immense response from across all North East regions with more than 50,000 People visits in a week.1st of January 2015 is the birth of Borok TV, in memory of Borok TV’s anniversary, they have started off an online competition open to all the artists for the second time in Tripura. The categories range from all the Genres. This award is meant to recognize all the artists new or the established ones and to avoid discrimination to the creativity of the artists which was shown in the previous awards which created havoc among the new artists. The jury is kept disclosed with different members from different vocalists and rock bands.

Note : This Award is given for the year  2016.

The list of awards with the artists are given below –

1. Entertainer of the Year :

Alexandar Reang

For Bol Do Na Zara ( Cover )

2. Best Pop Singer :

Anison Debbarma

For Kha Yogo

3. Best Rock/Fusion/Metal Band


For Mwrwi Mwrwi

4. Best Rap Artist.

Young Bru – Saudhu

5. Song of the Year.

Khorang Khlaidi  ( Composed By Goutam Debbarma )

Newsy Sky – Sahang 

Nwngbai Angle – Zango Boyz

6. Best Music Video

Nini Hamjakma O – Ayesha & Manoj

7. Best Music Producer


For Mwrwi Mwrwi

8. Best Debutant.

Male :    Johan Debbarma ( For Pherouye Phaisti )

Female : Lipika Debbarma ( For Mwrwi Mwrwi & Bol Do Na Zara )

Jesmine Debbarma ( For O Naithokti & Khani Langma)

9. Best Lyricist.

Sangit Debbarma

( For Kha Yogo )

10. Best  Dance Troupe


Best choreography :

Sharmili Debbarma

11. Best Director.

Sarat Reang

( Multi Entries )

12. Best Cinematographer.

Sumit Debbarma

( For O Naithokti )

13. Best Photographer.

Markov Debbarma

14. Viewers Choice Video

Newsy Sky – Sahang

The Pinnacles

15. Model of the Year

Shilvia Reang


All The Winner’s Please Fill the Below Form.Award of Excellence will be provided by Borok TV in Your Address.

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