Different Storyline in Hindi Family Drama



Most of the television family drama would deal with love based subjects. It may be a triangle love subject or one-sided love. The story would be the same as we saw a decade ago and the characters will also act in the same way. But there are also soap operas with a different story line.

One of them is Shakti — Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki. This family drama revolves around a transgender. The story starts with a mother and two kids. One among the kid is a transgender. Due to this reason, the girl does not receive the love and support from her grandmother and father. Her mother protects and prevents the child to mingle with the other kids because the mother does not want her daughter to know about the difference in her physical appearance. Then the story moved on to the next phase where the transgender girl got married and her mother did not reveal the truth about her daughter to in-laws. This leads to several problems. The story about a transgender is new for us and it is a positive change that the people started liking this kind of stories.

Similar to this there is another family drama called Dil Se Dil Tak which describes surrogacy. The story is about a woman who cannot able to conceive and hence depend on a surrogate mother. The financial setback of the women might be a reason to become a surrogate mother, and they will also be affected emotionally.  But according to our society, the surrogate mother needs only money and hence does not care about their emotions.  Producing a family drama which deals with love and crime seems to be boring. The story writers should write interesting stories like this which would create awareness among the people.