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Borok TV is an online streaming portal where viewers can find all kinds of entertainment-related videos from across the entire North East India.

The Founder & CEO of Borok TV is Mr. Monojit Debbarma & currently, Borok TV holds a small team of 12 members.

The beta version website was launched way back on January 1st, 2015 and we have tested the platform for more than 2 years. The response was amazing during the beta period.Recently On May 10th 2017 we have widened our server and re-launched our website commercially along with our own App.

Currently, Borok TV has more than 87+ content providers’ tie-ups and expected to grow more.

About  Us?

We, at Borok TV believe that it is our mission to give everyone a chance to show their musical talents hidden deep inside everyone. We believe everyone deserves a chance and we help you share your beautifully crafted music videos and audios. Borok TV is a platform where you can discover user-contents from all-around North East. Our viewers can follow, watch and share their videos. We encourage video-makers to share their ideas on our platform and connect with the audiences across the world. We provide you all the music videos under one roof, complete with trending and upcoming videos. Borok TV is a platform that helps your music videos reaches more audiences.

What do We do?

We, at Borok TV encourage content creators and aspiring musicians. We will help your content to reach out to more people. It is our goal to help you and your musical talent get noticed by our viewers all over North East. Borok TV is a platform where you can achieve. We will help you grow.

We basically just indexed the content from YouTube or other video sharing portal on our website with the owner’s permission, which makes people/viewers easy to find their desired content under one roof.


Borok TV now serves to more than 1.2 Lakh+ visitors from across the globe every month and it’s expected to grow more in future.

Online Awards Organised by Borok TV:

 Before we wind up, we would like to invite all the content creators from across the country to come and share their ideas with us.

Feel free to visit our website and contact us with an open heart.

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