Mass Suicide ? Why is Central Government Silent ?

Agartala: The protest led by the Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura ( IPFT ) is getting more twist and turns. It has been already 8...




Few Common Abilities in Every Female

Every woman inborn with some of this common ability that makes her self-sufficient in every aspect of life: They never forget to smile when...

Simple Gift Ideas To Make Your Loved Ones

Nothing can excite your near and dear ones if they come to know that along with lots of love you also have brought a...

Borok TV Calendar 2019 Launched for Charity

Borok TV launched on Jan 1st, 2015 and within a short span of time, it has managed to grow its roots...




4 Basic Skills Needed for an Employee

4 Basic Skills Needed for an Employee You cannot sit idle once you have completed your education. Nowadays, the students can find a job easily...
Few Suggestions to Overcome from the Past Relationship

Few Suggestions to Overcome from the Past Relationship

It is not easy to fall out of love once you are in a relationship with someone. You try hard to ignore the past...

Top Ten Quotes to Take Yourself to the Next Level

To make a good life for you it is just that you quit the previous style of living and take a step forward in...


10 Inspirational Movies to Watch When You’re Low

Movies are wonderful things They affect your life drastically. Sometimes movies teach us things that we could never have learnt from anywhere. Moreover, graphics...

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