Indian Daily Soap: Then and Now


Gone are the days when Indian Daily Soap was a medium of entertainment with the plot of saas-bahu saga only.

The conspiracies in the serial were cherry on top of the cake that was enjoyed by the huge audiences.


Earlier masses like watching such kind of shows.

But with time the outlook of people has changed in terms of watching television.

From the past few decades audience not only like watching saas-bahu sagas.

However they also welcome concepts that have portrayed in a way for the betterment of society and people.

Current Scenario

TV serials currently are not only entertaining us, instead some of them are also spreading the social message on various issues that still remain in the country.

TV soaps are helping in altering and shaping the mindset in terms of equality, superstitions, old faiths, stereotypes, and taboos.

Directors and producers now take high risks and come up with more unusual concepts to create awareness and spread the social message among the people.

Shifting taste from usual conspiracies, murder, jealousy etc., and bringing more bold stories that are touching the heart and mind of audiences.

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Indian Daily Soap has now introduced a new concept of finite and web series with all new original and creative concepts.

And public likes it as these TV series have different types of shows that are delivering each one’s flavor.


Indian Daily Soap has progressed a lot and will change more with the times.