Let’s Correct Some Spoken English Fallacies

Let's make our English better


Let’s Correct Some Spoken English Fallacies:

English has evolved tremendously as a mode of communication since starting of the 21st century. More and more people around the world are being habituated to speak English in daily life. Furthermore, it seems like English has become a fashion for upper class and a tool to show off the education for the middle class.

Nothing is wrong with it. But as we try to imitate others, we often make errors. Same goes with our spoken English. Almost all the time we use redundant words, words which do not contribute anything to the meaning of the sentence and so can be omitted.

Let’s know few of them one by one, you will be flabbergasted after reading it.

Let’s Correct Some Spoken English Fallacies

1) Sit down: When you want someone to sit, only “sit” is enough.

2) Drop down: When you want someone to drop something, only “drop” is enough.

3) Foreign import: “Import” itself means to bring something from abroad, so the use of “Foreign” with it will be futile.

4) Join together: There is no need to say together after joining, as only “Join” will do.

5) Merge together: Same as “join together” goes with this one, so “Merge” is enough.

6) Little baby: Babies are always little, that’s why they are called babies. So there is no need to add “Little” before “Baby”.

7) Hurry up: Word “hurry” serves the purpose to expedite someone, so it not necessary to add “up” after it.

8) General public: This phrase is self-explanatory. There is no need to add “General” before “Public”.

9) Few in number: “Few” is always used for countable things, so there is no need to add “in number” after “few”.

10) End result: Result always comes at the end, so the addition of “End” before “Result” is futile.

There are much more such phrases, which we use daily during communication but it seems like we have probably never noticed them. We hope after reading this, every reader will find such phrases and spread them to others, therefore, we can enhance our communication skills.