Nine Days Nine Ways To Drape Saree In Navratri


With the beginning of the auspicious festival, the celebrations are at a height. The glory, joy, and happiness of the festival have already begun with the beautiful party nights calling you to add up the extra delight in the carnival.

So this party night flaunt your beauty by wearing Saree with a twist of nine new draping styles for nine days.

  1. Pant Style: -All you have to do is wear leggings or pants and drape the Saree all along to give your dress a modern look.
  1. Belted Style: -All you have to do is wrap a stylish belt to seal your waist and be party ready in no time.
  1. Scarf wrap style:-After wearing Saree in a basic style take the pallu, wrap it around your neck in a different scarves style, and be a show stopper at the party.
  1. Half Tucked: One can look graceful in this new way as you just have to wear the Saree in a basic style, after that you have to take the pallu altogether and put a heavy brooch on the left side of the pallu such that it is giving a look of half tucked.
  1. Lehenga Style Saree: -This is the most elegant way to carry your look if you are going for a dandiya night. All you have to do is wear the Saree in a basic style, take the pallu pleat from the front, and tuck it behind.
  1. Butterfly style:-This chic way is one of the modish ways to drape the Saree. Take the pallu and make the thin columns only at the top corner and let the remaining parts to float behind like a butterfly.
  1. Bengali style:-This is one of the unique ways to drape the Saree if you are carrying backless blouse.
  1. Mumtaz style: –If you have chiffon Saree with the classy border then drape it in a retro Mumtaz style.
  1. Mermaid style:-Drape the Saree normally, after that start making pallu.  Now take the first pleat edge and spread it on your front body, wrapping around till backside, and bring it again forward till the left sides in a full stretched fitted form.