Old Taylor Swift is dead !!


She has risen back from the dead and she always does. Yes, I am talking about  Taylor Swift, who apparently claims that the “old” Taylor is dead. After months of her absence, I’m sorry, Invisibility. Indeed, Swift’s absence from the public eye has been conspicuous over the past  few months. Her presence in the limelight had dropped to near invisibility. In fact, there had been weird rumours that her staff was sneaking her in and out of her apartment in a giant box.

Swift who is very active on Social media, wiped off all her social media clean no profile pictures even. She delete all her posts and then few days ago she posted video of a snake on her every profile. Everyone had a hunch, that something’s cooking, but no one was sure.


Finally, Swift shared actual news, and it was big. Taylor Swift is back with a new album “Reputation” releasing November 10. The first Single “Look what  you mad me do” is already out, and is currently the talk of town.

After listening to the song now we know what the snake was all about. All of this was about the some old infamous Swift’s 2009 encounter with Kanye west at VMA.

Well seriously, I don’t care what Taylor  swift and Kanye West have got to say about each other. All I care about is some good music. Look what you made me do is not among Taylor swift’s best work. It just doesn’t get into your head. I remember when I first listened to “love story” I just couldn’t get the song out of my head for days. Now, I listen to Swift’s last song and my ears bleed.

I hope in the urge to insult and taunt each other the artist don’t forget to pay attention on the quality of music.