The love of music (classical)

The love of music (classical)
The love of music (classical)

The love of music (classical)

The love of music (classical).If you are a music lover then you must read this article fully, I am going to tell you a story of a boy who told me about me his, basically (the boys story).

Since his childhood he loved only two things:-

  1. His love for music & to sing
  2. His childhood crush

Well he is the only one with this content of music in his family and he just want to rock the world by it.

You know many years later he only remained with his love for music, he didn’t get the other one and since then he prepared himself, joined an academy of music started learning classical music during all this many ups and downs shows their faces to him, he hit them hard and didn’t stop & in future he will do wonder.

Indian classical music is something like that the combination of swaras, raags and the beauty of its presentation can take you from high to lows & lows to high, from sadness to happiness, from reality to imagining your own world with whatever you want in it.

Indian classical is the basic of all if you are good at it than nothing is impossible for you in the field of music.

If you’re a lover of music, try it in a classical way and then you can witness changes that you always want and those who are already in it, my wishes are with you.

Well for you all just last thing i am also a big music lover especially never stop just like that boy.

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With love