The Top 4 Reasons Relationships Fail


Wobbly relationships are becoming increasingly commonplace. We hardly spot a couple who is not going through one or other kind of relationship turmoil.
A fail relationship can cause much stress and can hamper our ability to focus elsewhere.

It is hence of utmost importance to understand what exactly leads to the failure of a relationship and what must be done in order to save it.


Trust is the most essential pillar of any relationship. In order to live happily and hope positively, placing confidence in someone is of paramount importance.
In the absence of trust, insecurity predominates. Certain life experiences can influence a person’s trusting abilities.
To save a crumbling relationship, it is vital to overcome the fear of betrayal and take risks.


Often partners do not communicate with each other regarding their doubts, fears, expectations from the relationship etc.
This causes misunderstandings and misinterpretations, which in turn can lead to arguments and conflicts.
It is essential to discuss and redefine the goals of one’s relationship.
In case the situation seems irreconcilable, therapist support is advised.


Having similar expectations from a relationship is a prerequisite.
If the partners expect different outcomes or futures of the relationship, it is inevitable that the relationship will soon come to an unhappy end.


Having dissimilar priorities in life adversely affects one’s attitude towards the relationship.
For example; One partner wants career wise success more than anything else.
The other believes that a prosperous relationship is all that is needed.
In such a case, conflict is bound to occur.

Like all great things in life, a fulfilling relationship too is hard-earned.
To experience a blooming and long-lasting relationship one must be willing to make efforts, to face ye fears, and have the courage to take risks.

About the writer

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