WHAT? Being Spiritual Doesn’t Mean Being A Saint



WHAT? Being Spiritual Doesn’t Mean Being A Saint

Being Spiritual Doesn’t Mean Being A Saint


‘Being Spiritual‘ refers to attaining and staying at an elevated state of consciousness.

By the term spiritual, we refer to the experience of the higher and deeper aspects of life.

A person who is spiritual, are open – minded because they are open to higher experience. Going with the lines of Vedic – tradition it explains that being spiritual is meant to help ourselves only to develop a love, affection towards God which is done through a harmonious combination of philosophy and religion which constitute the two rails on which spirituality runs.

The philosophy side of being spiritual involves the thorough study and understanding of matter, spirit and the controller of both God.Being Spiritual Doesn’t Mean Being A Saint So, if a person is being spiritual it doesn’t mean he is an or he is a Saint.


A Saint is a person who is recognised as having an exceptional degree of holiness or likeness to God.

It also means that person is considered as somewhat to God only.

Saints live their life on the preachings of God or whom he follows.

In return the world start following that Saint in turn.

Saint is somewhat or more likely to believe a religion. Being a Saint is the equivalence to believe or being in a religion.

Because being a Saint is different scenario, he totally depends upon the religion and religious in a better way means referring to the adherence to certain beliefs and ritual given in a specific tradition.

Spiritualists are open minded yet Saints are close minded.

Saints stick to only to the way given in their own religion and deride or dismiss the ways given in other religions.

Whereas a person who is spiritual understands the basic matter of those things in which he has faith.

But that doesn’t mean he is Saint because Saint has rules and regulations that help people realise and experience higher spiritual truths.

So there is a thin line difference between being spiritual and being a Saint.

In conclusion Spiritual means having faith in the workings of God.

And being a Saint means enacting himself like a God only or behaving like a God only.Being Spiritual Doesn’t Mean Being A Saint